Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Building a raised vegetable bed

Having created an area of the garden free from the unwelcome attentions, we can start to build the raised vegetable bed.

All the wood required

Firstly, I chose and bought the wood. The builder’s merchant where I live didn’t do the carcassing wood I wanted. I gave up waiting for my local DIY superstore to actually get the wood I wanted in stock, so I tried a local timber merchant. To my pleasant surprise, they were helpful and inexpensive.

rough layout

Having sawn the wood to length and drilled it, it seemed a good time to lay out the frame to make sure the position was right. We wanted space to walk around the frame so I left a metre between the fence and the frame at the side, and I left a half metre from the fence at the back. Yup – that looks about right.

dig the turf
put the turf back

As the frame is going over an area of grass, the tip I was given is to turn over the turf. This was started by lifting one strip. Having lifted a second strip beside it, the turf from the first strip was laid back, grass-side down. I did this until all the grass area within the frame was turned.

Assemble the frame

Finally, I began putting the wooden frame together. Each corner post is taller than the sides, so that it sticks out at the top and into the ground to secure the frame. When the frame was complete, I dug out along the sides until it sat fairly stable and square.

Finally, I have a completed raised bed to start the planting. A good weekend’s work. Now I need some soil – but that’s another story.

completed frame

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Creating the Space

We have a dog. He's lovely - and lively. What we've learned so far is that he'll destroy any plants within reach. Except rosemary ... for no reason we can work out.

fenced off dog
We realised early in the planning stage that we'd need a fence to separate the dog's area of the garden with the growing area.

Ta dah! one dog-proof fence.

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Some while ago, we decided to have a go at growing our own food. Our initial attempts have been git and miss: we've had a few strawberries in a tub, and the slugs really enjoyed the lettuce.

This blog is an account of the trials and tribulations of our gardening adventures.